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Removal Company in Accrington

Finding the time during an Accrington  removal to make sure that each and every single possession you own is well packed and safely stored can be difficult, especially for those embarking on bigger home moves.

However, when it comes to those items with greater sentimental and financial value such as heirlooms and antiques, taking the time to make sure that they are transported safely can ensure that they do not receive any damage during the trip.

Grandfather clocks can be awkward and unwieldy, making them difficult to transport to the required destination. With delicate internal mechanisms and a finely crafted body, extra attention is required in order to preserve the clock in all of its glory.
Grandfather clocks come in all shapes and sizes, from a few feet tall to the height of the ceiling; for many people, a grandfather clock is simply a tall timepiece with a swinging pendulum in the body below the face. As such, formulating one perfect plan for all moves is difficult. What might work for one smaller clock might not work for a larger version. However, regardless of which model you have, it is possible to approach the problem in the same manner.

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The key to all excellent Accrington removals is to plan, plan, plan. and so it is vital that you employ a  removal company in Accrington that fully embraces this.Taking the time to think the process through can ensure that all the potential risks are minimised during transit. Using a tape measure and a bit of imagination, plot out the route which you will take while manoeuvring the clock through the properties. In the instances where a certain approach or angle is required, make sure that everyone involved with the lifting is aware of what needs to be done. With this plan in mind, you are ready to begin the moving process.
Because grandfather clocks can often be considered antiques, it is very important that they come to no harm. Cosmetically, it is vital that there are no dents or scratches inflicted on the piece during travel. For the best removals experience, try wrapping the clock in an old blanket and then surrounding this with a few layers of bubble wrap, fastened with duct tape (which should never be stuck to the body of the clock itself). This will provide a layer of padding meaning that, should the clock come into contact with any corners or edges during the moving process, it is not likely to leave a lasting mark. In the Accrington removals van, make sure to secure the clock tightly and try to ensure that there is no danger of anything hitting against or into the grandfather clock while the vehicle moves.

AA Removals are your local Removal Company in Accrington who are fully experienced in moving such delicate items

The internal mechanisms of a grandfather clock can often be quite complex. Famed for the swinging pendulum which hangs in the main body of the cabinet, the intricate internals of the clock are vital to its ongoing usefulness. As such, these mechanisms should always be preserved during travel. If possible, try to secure the pendulum and prevent it from swinging. The changes to gravity and positioning throughout the move could cause it to become an issue. Taking the care to provide external padding should help with protecting the insides, but it is worth bearing in mind that it is not only the aesthetics of the clock which need protecting, you must considering the inner workings as well.

Removal company in Accrington
One final thing to consider when looking at how best to transport your grandfather clock is looking into whether there is any way in which it can be dismantled. Taking the whole apart into smaller pieces can often make transporting the clock a great deal easier and might be useful. While it is unlikely that the whole thing can come apart, if even the feet which hold the body off the floor can come away, it might make moving your grandfather clock a little easier.

I hope you have found this article helpful in choosing the best removals company in Accrington!

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