Removal Companies in Rossendale

Removal Companies in Rossendale

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Removal Companies in Rossendale

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Biggest Rossendale removals mistakes and how to avoid them

A lot of people think that packing and moving house in Rossendale is as easy as putting all of your belonging to boxes the day before the move and transporting them to the new place. Unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that. For those who have never done it before and want to avoid the biggest moving mistakes here are some handy tips:

First mistake: Packing time
You are running from one place to another trying to pack everything at the same time. You can’t find anything at all, including the boxes. Maybe there are no more boxes, you just don’t know anymore. Kitchen, bedroom and the baby room look like a bomb site and you just feel like crying. Time is running out and you even didn’t even start loading your things on the van. The reason is simple: bad organisation.
How to avoid it? Start packing and planning at least a week before your Rossendale removal.

Rossendale removal company biggest moving mistakes and how to avoid them2

Second mistake: Furniture
Your moving day has come and your local Rossendale removal company will be arriving soon.. The boxes are carried to the van everything is going smooth until you realise that there is no way your favourite wardrobe or sofa is going through the doors. The walls are not bending and it doesn’t matter how many angles you try it’s just not happening! The only thing which you manage to accomplish is a big scratch in the middle of the door or a big tear on the corner of the sofa. Time to dissemble the unit and waste your precious moving time.
How to avoid it? Measure your furniture before your move to make sure you will be able to move them without any problems. If they need to be dissembled, do it a few days before your move.

Third mistake: Throw it away
You finally manage to move to your new place and you are looking on the pile of boxes in your living room and you starting to wonder how many things do you own. Surprise on your face when you’re unpacking some of them and the big cloud of dust is drifting to the ceiling. You didn’t even remember about half of them and frankly you don’t need them. After all this effort with packing and bringing them to your new place time to throw them away.
How to avoid this unnecessary waste of time? Segregate your things few weeks before moving. Moving houses is a great opportunity to throw away stuff you don’t use or need.

Rossendale removal companies

Fourth mistake: FRAGILE
The move is done. It was hard but you managed to keep everything under control. Time to set everything up in your new place. You opening the box with your TV and you can’t believe what you see. Right in the middle of the screen there is a huge crack. You didn’t pack it correctly so your prize 40″ didn’t survive the move.
How to avoid a surprise like that? Remember to carefully pack your fragile items. Use a lot of bubble wrap and fill the boxes with newspaper or polystyrene to avoid having your precious belongings moving around inside the box. Carefully pack fragile items, wrapping them in paper or bubble wrap.

Fifth mistake: Labels
The day was exhausting but you made it! Your only dream at the moment is to sit on your couch in your favourite sweatpants with a cup of tea and exhale deeply. The only problem is you have no idea where your sweatpants are and the last thing which you are willing to do is to go through the mountain of unidentified boxes.
How to avoid it? Label the boxes with the content and the room which it belongs to. It will make the unpacking process much easier especially if you are using the Rossendale removal company to un-pack for you..

I hope you found this article may help you prepare for booking your Rossendale Removal Companies

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