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Moving House in Burnley Checklist

Read our moving checklist to really keep on top of all those little odds and ends that need to get done during the house moving process. It is not surprising that many people forget to do these things around the date of the Burnley removal, after all it is a very stressful time and it can often seem like there is just so much to do.

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Below we have listed some of the most important jobs that you will need to get done ahead of time. By following this list you will be able to ensure that you removals job goes quickly and easily.
Decide on a date
This is the first and most essential thing to do on the list. Once you have found your new dream home and have had an offer accepted, organising a moving out date as soon as possible. Once you have the date pencilled in, then you can start planning your move.HOUSE REMOVALS BOLTON Try to avoid busy times such as rush hour and perhaps organising a day off work if possible so that you can oversee the move yourself.

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Do you research and make a list of local Burnley man and van services or home removals companies. Then call each one to get a quote.

Be sure that you have a rough idea of how much you are going to need to relocate, in this way you will get a much more accurate quote.

If you have a rough idea of how much you will need to relocate then you will get a far more accurate quote from the Burnley removal companies Lancashire that you talk to.Burnley cheapest removals

Once you get a quote from the first Burnley removal company, use it to barter with the others and see if they are willing to beat  the other removal Companies Burnley Lancashire  estimate.By doing this, you will make sure that you get the very best price possible.

Change your address
Ensure that all  companies which you are in correspondence with are aware that you are moving home. This means dentists, doctors, your work, electric and water companies. The post office can arrange a post forwarding service for a small fee. All of this needs to be organised as soon as possible so that you won’t be receiving important or sensitive information at your old home rather than your new one.

Change your utilities
Always remember to let your utility companies know that you are moving well ahead of time. This will ensure that you are not paying for gas or electricity that you aren’t using. They will likely ask you to pay the outstanding balance on your old home before moving to your new one. This is not just limited to gas, water and electric companies, but also to phone and internet providers too. You may need a couple of weeks to get the internet installed at your new home, so always call ahead and let them know that you will be moving. This is especially important these days as many of us simply cannot live without the internet for work or for pleasure.
Buy your boxes
Go out to a reputable box company and purchase your boxes for the move. Remember that you will likely need more boxes than you think, so always buy more than you think that you will need. These boxes should be sturdy, professional removals boxes which will stand up to a lot of heavy lifting and strain. By colour-coding the boxes, you can make sure that you know from which room they came and to which room they belong. All of this saves a lot of time during the Burnley removals process.

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