Moving House in Burnley Checklist

Moving House in Burnley Checklist:

A sure fire way to make sure you don’t forget a thing

You’ve done it! You found your dream home and have gone through the rigmarole of transporting everything you own, using AA Removals Burnley,  from your old home to your new one.

You’ve set up every room the way you want it and are now ready to get settled in to your new house and, possibly, your new area. Wait….oh no! You’ve forgotten to get everything you stored in the loft!

Moving House in burnley Checklist
Luckily, this isn’t you because you’ve read this before your Burnley move. Due to the amount you have to move – namely everything you own – it is not uncommon to forget something. The best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you is to make a packing and moving checklist. This should be done as soon as you are sure that you are moving, so you can add to it as you remember more and more things during the packing process.

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Below are 5 things everyone must add to the list:
1) Get your electric and gas meter readings
This is the most common thing to forget to do. Gas and electric companies will need to know your meter readings on the day you move out to ensure that they don’t charge you for any use after you stop living there. You don’t want bill collectors knocking on your door because your former gas and electricity company thinks you owe them money that you legally do not.
2) Cleaning
Now, this may be obvious to all of us, but you’ll need to make sure every square-inch of your home is clean. For those with a security deposit, cleaning is even more important as cleaning, or rather the lack thereof, is the most common reasons to receive security deposit reductions.
3) Sort out transport for your things
Burnley Man and Van, vehicle self-hire, or removal companies: whatever you chose just be sure to book as quickly as you find out your move out or move in date. This means packing up everything ready to go as soon as the removal men arrive.
4) Scour your home for anything you’ve forgotten.
After you’ve packed up and cleaned up everything, search every corner of your house – behind every corner, in every room and every nook and cranny – for anything you’ve possibly forgotten. With the amount of items you own, you are bound to forget at least one thing because it’s hiding somewhere.

Burnley Moving House Checklist
5) Get an insurance policy
Something is bound to break or be damaged during the move, no matter how much bubble-wrap you use. You’re home insurance policy most likely will not cover these damages so you will have to look elsewhere to insure your valuables. Most professional Burnley removal companies will offer you an insurance policy for a modest price. If they do, then you should be sure to take it. But if you’re transporting your items without the help of a removal company, be sure to phone around banks and insurance firms to get an insurance policy. As always, read the small print.
6) Register with new social services
If you’re moving a far distant from your old residence, you’ll need to find new doctors, dentists, opticians etc. As doctor surgeries and dentists usually only accept patients at the certain time of the year, you should start looking as soon as you know you are moving. You don’t want to move homes and then be stuck without a personal GP or dentist for a long period of time. You will also have to de-register with your old GP, dentists and opticians so someone can take your place as a patient in those services.

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