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Moving to university is daunting, especially if it is the first time you have ever moved away from home. Many students will travel to university by car meaning they have to be sensible with what they pack. If you are struggling with space there here is the list of all the essential items you should take with you to Uni to save from packing unnecessary items.

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moving to university N4 accommodation will need to bring their own bedding. If you are unsure or going to university as an international student then it is best to check with your university first before you waste precious car space with these items.
-Duvet, Duvet covers, pillows, pillow cases and sheets (at least 2x sets of bed covers so that you have a space set when the others are being washed)
– Spare blanket/ sleeping bag (Just in case friends want to visit)
-Decorative items
Before bringing posters and things to be hung on the walls, check with the university to make sure you are able to use blue tack etc. in your room.
-Photos, Posters -Alarm clock -Desk lamp -Wash Basket -Rubbish Bin
-Door Wedge (wedging your door open when you move in will mean you can make friends with your new flatmates more easily)
If you are traveling far to uni you must make sure you take a variety of clothes as you will be at uni during summer and Winter.
-Every day -Night ware -Formal -Clubbing -Sportswear
-Waterproof coat (for rainy walks to uni)

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Remember, you will be living at university for most of the year so you will need access to all of your most important documents.
-Passport -Driving Licence -Accommodation documents -Insurance Documents
-Student finance documents -Your University Offer -Exam Certificates -Bank Documents
-Medical Documents (if necessary)
-Electrical Items
Before packing up your car with all your toys and gadgets you should check with your university about what you are allowed to bring in to university accommodation. It is also best to check what is provided within the kitchen so that you don’t end up bringing unnecessary items.
-Extension Leads -Computer/Laptop -Mobile Phone –Headphones
-Camera -Mp3 player -Clock -Hairdryer/Straighters -Toaster
-Rice Steamer/Grill/Vegetable Steamer (if necessary)
-Kitchen Items
This is only necessary if staying in non-catered accommodation.
-Frying pan -Assorted saucepans -Baking tray -Tin opener -Bottle opener & corkscrew
-Vegetable Peeler -Cheese grater -Wooden spoons & spatula -Masher
-Cutlery -Plates & bowls x 2 -Chopping Board & knife -Scissors
-Tea towels -Mixing bowl -Measuring Jug

Burnley Removals CompanyOnce you have these items packed you can be safe in the knowledge that you have all the essential items ready for when you start your new life in your new home. If you are struggling for space in your car or if you are traveling to university by train, focus on just having these essential items packed.

Once you arrive at your accommodation you can set about getting a food shop in. Remember to pick up cleaning products, cling film, tin foil and bin bags in your first shop. As well as these things make sure you pack enough notepads and pens for your study. Even though most student work is done on computers, you will need to take notes during lectures and you will soon tire of lugging your laptop around with you every day.

If you have the space and there are facilities it is also good to take a bike with you so that you can get around your new home more efficiently.

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