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 Burnley Student moving guide: Shopping list

If you’re moving out of your parent’s house for the first time then there’s a lot of items you’re going to need to purchase to start your life in your new home. Burnley removals for students  can be a scary process, but there’s no need to stress about your shopping list. Just have a look at this list of what you’re going to need to buy for your move.

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Cutlery, crockery and appliances.
Buying for your first kitchen isn’t the most fun of jobs. You’re going to need to have enough cutlery for you and a guest or two, as well as a good amount of crockery. A sieve and sharp knives are also cooking necessities. All these items can be bought fairly cheaply from places like your local supermarket, so don’t worry if you’re shopping on a budget.
Many student halls of residence or student houses come furnished, so it’s worth checking what appliances your new home is going to come with before splashing out on things like a kettle, a toaster and a microwave.

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Bits and bobs.
Try to think about all the extra items you might use in the kitchen. You’re going to need things for washing up, washing powder for your clothes, bin bags, oven gloves, rubber gloves and maybe even a pair of kitchen scissors for food preparation. Depending on how much you plan to cook, you might want to think about buying a chopping board, though items like this aren’t essential, especially if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

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Kitchen essentials shouldn’t cost you the earth. There are many cheap shops which sell everything you’re going to need for very decent prices, so take the time to shop around. It’s also worth asking your family for any unwanted kitchen items. This is a great opportunity to get yourself some freebies!
Buying for your bathroom should be fairly simple. Take toiletries and any other hygiene essentials you use on a regular basis. It’s worth finding out if you’re going to require a shower curtain for your bathroom, and you might want to consider buying a pedestal mat and bath mat. A good idea for your bathroom is to use a storage solution to keep it neat and tidy. If you’re planning on throwing parties then a cheap set of plastic drawers are a great way to keep nosy guests out of your personal belongings.
Most student properties rent their bedrooms furnished, but it’s worth double-checking what your new room is going to include. At a bare minimum you’re going to need a bed, a desk and a wardrobe – these should all be included so don’t worry too much about the cost of buying furniture!

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You are going to need a suitable amount of bedding, coat hangers, a duvet, pillows and perhaps some sort of reading lamp. The rest is up to you – are you planning on bringing a television? What are the policies on television licenses if you’re moving into student halls? Make sure you’re clued-up and prepared for your move in plenty of time so you’re not going to be getting too stressed too close to the big day.
Have a look at what bookshelves are being provided for you, if any. If you feel you’re going to need more room for all your university books then try to find a cheap storage solution or second-hand bookcase.
An alarm clock is a great idea to make sure you get to your classes on time – don’t rely on your mobile phone alarm if you’re a heavy sleeper. You don’t want to miss any classes and fall behind on your work!

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