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Tips for packing items

If you are  planning to contact a Blackburn removal company, one of the biggest worries is the safety of your valuables. Packing items safely and securely is as important as any other job when moving home but is something that is often rushed, resulting in broken items. With the sheer volume of items that need to be packed it can become expensive. The following tips will help you to pack effectively, safely and as cheaply as possible.

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Before Booking your move with a local Blackburn removal company decide exactly what to pack.

Blackburn removal company - packing tips
Blackburn removal company – packing tips

As with most things related to moving home planning is vital. You need to know which items are more fragile and need extra protection so you can pack them adequately. You also need to think of the things you will continue to need and use up until the time of the move. There’s no point packing away your kettle straight away if you like a cup of tea each morning. Prioritise items that are needed and pack other things first. This will allow you to pack things steadily and avoid rushing as the  day approaches when your Blackburn removals company arrives. This will mean all items are protected, secure and less likely to be broken in transit.


Newspaper is a brilliant resource for packaging. It is often lying around in abundance and prices range from free to no more than a pound for dozens of sheets. This means you have a simple packaging readily available. When using newspaper it is important to make sure the sheet is big enough to cover the item. This will ensure the product stays secure under the sheet so it can’t slip through any gaps. Always place your item in the middle of the sheet and wrap the newspaper around creating a paper protection. For glass and china it is recommended to use a few sheets to give the delicate items more protection.

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Bubble Wrap.

Often used as a stress release by popping the bubbles, it can relieve stress in another way by giving you piece of mind that your items are protected and unlikely to get broken. Bubble wrap can be bought in most stationary shops and is readily available online. The larger the amount you buy the more you will save so it might be worth ordering in bulk from an online supplier.
It must be noted that bubble wrap can create marks and blemishes on certain materials. This is often found to be on varnished wood, some metals and polished surfaces. This is because of the chemicals in the plastic react and leaves an imprint of the bubbles on the surface. Bubble wrap undoubtedly protects your things from the upheaval of a move but it is recommended to use paper to cover first before wrapping items in bubble wrap.

Blackburn removal company Tips for packing items2
Blackburn removal company Tips for packing items

Don’t over pack.

Packing is a tedious job and can result in cutting corners. You need to be careful not to over pack and put too many items in a box. Items are more likely to break if the box gives way and everything crashes to the floor. Try and keep the weight in boxes down and make sure that the box is sufficiently secured with tape. Boxes can be collected from supermarkets and are also a cost effective way to store and move things.

Have the essentials ready and on hand.
The day you move into your new property things are likely to be chaotic and messy. It is important to have essentials available on hand so you don’t have to hunt through boxes. Pack a bag or suitcase with essentials like a change of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste and other toiletries, cups and cutlery and some food. Being able to access these things quickly can reduce stress considerably. Just being able to get a cup and sit and have a drink will allow you to relax for a few minutes before continuing with the move.

I Hope you have found this information helpful in preparing your items to be moved before starting to contact Blackburn removal companies

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